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About The American Mule Museum

American Mule Museum, Bishop CaliforniaFor the past several years, a group of dedicated individuals has been working toward the establishment of a museum honoring the history of mules throughout the United States. The American Mule Museum is a growing group of over 300 founding members with a volunteer governing board of directors and are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. The organization has an executive board, officers and committees who oversee its activities. The Museum plans to build a Museum building facility on the Tri-County Fairgrounds in Bishop, California. Funds are being raised toward construction of the museum building through a planned capital campaign seeking grant money and donations with a financial goal for the building fund and endowment fund of $5,000,000. Once built, the museum will rely on funding from memberships, donations both private and public, fund raising activities, and sponsorships and it is expected that the museum will become self-sustaining.

This Web site serves as a glimpse into the history of the American Mule and the present-day Museum organization activities.

The Museum committee has constructed an addition to the main entrance kiosk at the Tri-County Fairgrounds and installed nine outstanding informational mule photo and history display panels.  Three display panels have been installed at the Bishop Chamber of Commerce Building on Main Street in Bishop, California.  A new kiosk is planned for the Laws Railroad Museum in Bishop.

Please join us in our efforts to tell the story of the American mule particularly in the West and the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range. We welcome your support both as a member, a volunteer and financially.

Join us at our monthly open general meeting.
The public is welcome.

6 PM every 2nd Thursday of the month

Patio Room, Tri-County Fairgrounds
Bishop, California

The mission of the American Mule Museum and Heritage Center is to tell the story of the contributions of the unsung hero, the mule, and the people who have worked with mules throughout history, with focus on the West, California, and the Sierra Nevada. The museum will inform, educate, and entertain the public with information on the heritage, versatility and value of the American mule.

The purpose of the museum is to inform, educate and entertain the visitor about the diverse uses of mules throughout history and specifically, the West and the Sierra Nevada. Interpretive exhibits will include the use of mules by: agriculture and farming, transportation of people, supplies and services, construction for water, power and industry, U. S. Military, trail building by the Forest Service and Park Service, commercial pack trains and stations, recreation and Bishop Mule Days.

The goal of the Board and committee is to construct a museum building and outdoor exhibits which will house interpretive and interactive displays as well as a living history area. A parking area will accommodate visitor passenger vehicles as well as tour and school buses. The museum will be located on Highway 395 adjacent to the Mule Days Office on the Tri-County Fairgrounds with easy access to motels and restaurants. The museum will draw visitors to the Eastern Sierra region and increase regional and town revenue.

The museum will offer interactive and interpretive displays, demonstrations and events, films, seminars, and living history exhibits to further educate and entertain the visitor regarding this unique history. The museum will preserve and display artifacts, photographs, letters, diaries, and historical papers relative to this goal. A small library and archives will be available to researchers. A gift shop will provide visitors with an opportunity to purchase mule memorabilia in the form of books, gifts and merchandise and will help to support the museum.

     Bob Tanner's 20 mule team.

Bob Tanner's 20-mule team.